A solid base

for more durability

The water-repellent, oil-repellent and dirt-repellent products from Opticrete form the optimum foundation for your demanding construction project.

High demands on a strong foundation


Starting with housing estates over additions and conversions to industrial construction, a strong foundation is needed. In order to maintain the stability and resilience, the protection of the concrete is indispensable.


Especially in busy roads and tunnels, it always comes back to wear, which greatly reduces the durability of the concrete. With the products of Opticrete, wear can be timely.


Concrete structures are exposed to heavy loads and it can always come back to cracks in the concrete. To avoid this, Opticrete provides a reliable technology that supports the self-healing effect of concrete surfaces.

Concrete protection and durability - for sustainable construction projects

Corrosion protection and increased stability

Corrosion protection and increased stability

Selfhealing effect on cracks

Selfhealing effect on cracks

stable and resistant

stable and resistant

Products according to your needs

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Opticrete KMS

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